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YouTube Learnig Launch

YouTube Learning Launch

YouTube's Learning initiative launch included PR promotions, events, brand storytelling, multi-channel campaign, and a dedicated YouTube channel.

ELearn Afria

Elearn Africa LMS

A product launch for an LMS focused on simplified video creation for education purposes. Launching this digital platform included wireframes development, analyzing brand voice, and consumer targeting frameworks.

Brand Film GTM

Brand Films - GTM Strategy

Launching brand films both individually and as part of a series to best maximize their impact and audience engagement. Utilized market research to formulate video playlists, OOH campaigns, print & digital, as well as  cross-functional promotions and develop mutually beneficial partnerships.

WWF program

WWF Foundation Youth Program

Comprehensive program development, focused on generating strategic frameworks, leading brainstorming sessions, and integrating youth cultural and SM trends  to inform digital portal design.

Da'at Educatioal Tours

Da'at Educational Tours


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