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Creaive Strategy
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A brand's greatest power is in empowering audiences -
to learn, to act, to create.

With work spanning industries, from ed-tech to big tech, travel to fashion - Tom flexes her creative skills wherever she goes. 


Creative Direction, Brand positioning, and UX all come into play when crafting successful GTM strategies and programs, driving brand reputation, user engagement, and company growth.

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YouTube Learning Blog post
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Experiences are a powerful tool for driving change, spurring action, and igniting connections. Through events, activations, immersive campaigns & digital experiences we can connect audiences with brands, change makers with causes, and people with themselves.

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Authentic stories change minds, connect communities, and help audiences feel represented. Storytelling can come across through videos, PR, web content, and even straight-up stories - you just need to find the right voice to make your story heard.

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Art Direction

Art Direction.

Art Direction is all about having an eye for design, and utilizing skill sets to bring a concept to life. Finding the right visual mediums for job at hand is only part of the challenge here.

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All the rest

What's next?

An Etsy store coming soon near you! - keep an eye out

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You can make something out of nothing... but starting with a pen helps.

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