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Making things happen

One story at a time...


I dub myself an Experiential Storyteller, which basically means I love combining my knowledge of design, technology and language, to create experiences that make an impact. I have been leading Creative Direction for companies and NGO's, most recently at YoTube, and have over a decade of experience in project and brand management.

Fun Fact!

Tom in Hebrew means the end, and without flaws (so..

I guess that must mean I'm perfect for the job!). 


I especially love taking on new opportunities where I can work with a creative team, and be able to help push them to reach their goals. While I take on the mantle of being a Jane-of-all-trades with pride, I found my expertise in leading creative strategy and bringing a vision to life. I see my role as a Creative Director as both a leader and a doer - I take an active part in every project I take on, I enjoy getting my hands dirty - the key is to be the one keeping an eye on the big picture, while not letting the small details get by you.

I have a Masters in Storytelling (or Media/cultural studies & communications - depending how you want to look at it), as well as a degree in Anthropology/Sociology, providing a varied wealth of knowledge to pull from when approaching new projects.  My experiences with companies and agencies are varied as well - from tech to fashion and everything in between. 

I would love the opportunity to learn more about the CD role at MAS (OPUS) and see how we can best work together to make good things happen.

I believe a brand's greatest power is in empowering audiences - to learn, to act, to create. My work focuses on engaging audiences, crafting stories that matter, and seamlessly incorporating DEI to ensure the work reflects the reality we strive for.

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