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Making things happen

one story at a time

About Tom

I am a Creator,

pop-culture Enthusiast,


narrative Junky

I have always been a storyteller, molding reality with words. 

As a strategist I help develop stories that realize visions; 

a company's story defines its business strategy, positioning, & brand identity.

I have worked with companies and organizations that impact

thousands of peoples lives everyday - and it all begins with a story. 

A Good Story isn't all powerful

but it's pretty darn close.

Working with companies and organizations on everything from  branding and growth strategies,

to communications and program development, I focus on the big picture - a picture built on the smallest of details.

My Work
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Let's chat over cookies

Our stories shape our lives,

A nation's stories defines its people,

and a company's story is... its everything.






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